Is your site stale, out-dated and in need of a facelift?

A poorly constructed web site may actually drive customers away from your business
Many web sites are plagued with the following problems:

Comprehensive Assessment

Our website redesign process begins with a thorough evaluation of your current site. We assess its strengths, weaknesses, user experience, performance, and design to identify areas for improvement. Every business is unique, and your website should reflect that. We work closely with you to understand your brand, goals, and target audience. Then, we create a custom design that aligns perfectly with your vision.

When Should You Think About a Site Redesign:

Do customers stick around long enough to learn about your business or purchase your products and services? Or are they leaving your site shortly after entry?

If your site is slow loading or a customer can’t figure out how to get to specific content, they will leave. The World Wide Web is full of impatient surfers who expect instant gratification and quality service.

Do visitors view your site as credible and professional? If not, a potential customer will become wary and do business elsewhere.

Improve Sales With a Website Redesign

Close deals faster and attract more customers to your site — with BITS’ website redesign services. Our services guarantee a high percentage of uptime, no slow pages and, better still, quality design and content to encourage customers to stay and explore your site.


Keep Your Site Fresh

Whether your site needs an easier navigation system , a more sophisticated look or a total make-over, BITS can help. Businesses change over time and your web site needs to keep up with these changes. Keep your site up-to-date.

Content Refinement

Content is king, and we make sure your message shines. We refine and enhance your website content, ensuring it is engaging, concise, and relevant to your audience.

Change Only What You Want When You Want

BITS can transform dull pages into stunning visuals — keeping customers coming back for more. You can keep your present content and simply change the look. Or change the content and preserve the look.

Improved User Experience (UX)

We focus on optimizing user experience. We restructure the navigation, streamline content, and enhance page layouts to guide visitors seamlessly through your site.

Integration of New Features

If you require new features or functionalities, we seamlessly integrate them into your redesigned website, ensuring it meets your evolving business needs.

New identity

Perhaps your business has expanded and your site no longer represents your latest services and products. Maybe your company’s logo or color scheme has changed. Having a business identity and brand that is consistent throughout your marketing collateral is crucial to your business’ success. Your brand needs to be recognizable and memorable to acquire new and retain your present customers. BITS can help your business by creating new logos and headers for your website. Even better, we can add brand new colors, new photos and graphics to your site to increase your site’s “WOW” factor.

Lets talk about your needs!

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